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Our Concept is Simple

We provide our users with tools to analyse vital sales information.

  • Online Point of Purchase Survey

    Very non-invasive, quick survey, requested at closing that tracks:

    • Source of marketing
    • Dealer review rating
    • Sales staff review rating
    • Referrals

    and links to social site(s) of your choice for customer to leave a review.

  • Data Tracking

    • Determine what marketing works for a specific time frame.
    • Determine the confidential ranking from your customers for your entire company, location or specific salesperson.
    • Establish a "mean" score for these categories and track your improvement
  • Relevant Information

    • Learn from your Customers, not prospects!
    • Target your most effective marketing and reduce or eliminate spending on non-effective market sources.

View the Demo

The Survey

View a demo of the survey your customers will complete. Feel free to complete the survey yourself to see how simple it is!

Survey Screenshots

The Dashboard

To view a demo of the back-end dashboard, please contact us or sign up for a trial account.

Dashboard Screen Shots

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It's simple and easy. Complete your corporate profile with the following information:
  1. Company name & address
  2. Tax ID
  3. Billing and Site Administrator
  4. Locations to track
  5. Salespersons
  6. Marketing sources
Once complete enjoy your 15 day trial. Please contact us if you have questions. We want you to succeed!

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